About me

On Gunung Salak, West Java.

I first came to Asia as a Biology student, in 1988, for a field study in the Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh, in the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. After graduating in The Netherlands I briefly pursued a PhD study in the USA, but soon realized I had already lost my soul to Asia.
So I returned, to never look back… After backpacking around for some time I stumbled upon the perfect job with a Dutch tour operator, specialized in nature and adventure travel. For the next 5 years I developed new tours in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. In my spare time I did what I liked most: hiking around through Southeast Asia’s vast wilderness, exploring its wildlife, culture and indigenous tribes.

Family life, a sales and marketing career with an international hotel chain and then a turn into online travel followed. Less time to travel and explore, but it did bring me to other destinations in Asia as well. I lived in many different places in Indonesia, and also in Bangkok, Thailand, for almost 7 years.

I am now back where it all started, half my life ago, here in Jakarta, where I try to combine my passion for the country, traveling and my professional expertise in a new adventure.